I like how gaara and temari know like everyone from konoha by now, but kankuro has only met like 4 people

  • sasuke: what i'm after... is revolution
  • naruto: well have you planned out what to do after revolution
  • sasuke: what
  • sakura: yeah, after all, it'd be reckless to believe that just knocking down the existing structures would fix everything
  • sasuke: what
  • kakashi: that's right. the economic/political structures through the various villages right now are pretty hard-wired, and to change them for the better, certainly, the first step is doing away with the old, but if you don't have any steps afterwards, you're likely looking at the same old kind of powers rising up and taking control.
  • sasuke: what
  • naruto: so if we're going to go ahead with this revolution we also need to make sure that, beyond just killing the five kages, we tear down other capitalist structures underneath their reign and replace them with a system that uses resources and abilities - of which we seem to have almost no limit to, considering our own sizable skill with jutsus that allows us to move mountains themselves, our generate massive amounts of electrical power, for just a few examples - and put them to work making sure everyone is fed, sheltered, and has what they need.
  • sasuke: what
  • sakura: which isn't to say we can just stop there. there are other oppressive structures at work, not limited to just capital and how it is used and who it is put in the hands of, but multiple axes of power in general, as brought on by how history has been structured and the narratives given to us by both those in power and society as a whole, and working to remove those should also be part of our goal.
  • sasuke: what
  • kakashi: correct. now, if you'll look at this scroll here, i've started writing some theories on how, after revolution, we can use our jutsus, both as individuals and as a collective, to keep food production intact and distribute it to absolutely everyone
  • sasuke: i just
  • sasuke: i was just thinking i'd kill the five kages
  • naruto: well that seems very short sighted of you


While i don’t agree with Sasuke’s intentions and way of trying to change the shinobi system. I think its important to address how this is a result of what Sasuke is trying to change mostly.

The Kage/Shinobi system as a whole has too many flaws, the poor decisions of others resulted on events as tragic as the Uchiha massacre and of course, suffering of many, main focus here, Sasuke.

Sasuke’s life was destroyed entirely by this poor shinobi system, so it makes sense he’d come up with a decision like this, it is not the best one, imo, but it makes sense and it is understandable for him to react this way. 

I can see why people feel angry at him to be honest, but honestly expecting him after all of this for him to go back to Konoha and move on is too much, Sasuke is his own person with his own goals who in the end doesn’t owe anything to Konoha, or even Team 7, mostly Naruto. When he decided to fight against Madara, everyone seemed to think he returned for good, when he did not, and it was hinted so so many times through the whole war.

So then why does Naruto fandom expect Sasuke to go back to Konoha as if nothing happened? After pretty much Konoha is the reason he is this damaged? That’s kind of selfish if you think about it, because Sasuke isn’t just part of team 7, he’s not just the one Naruto wants to bring back, he’s not forced to follow Itachi’s wishes, he has his own will and doesn’t have to submit to Itachi’s or Naruto’s will.

Every single time Sasuke does things by himself, drifting away from Team 7, its always the same “Sasuke you little shit” “Selfish prick” and tons of other insults and hate, which is honestly unfair because so many people only see the team 7 Sasuke, and do not bother to see deep within him and why is he taking decisions as this.

I’m not gonna even try to justify him because he’s doing things the wrong way, killing people will only result in more hatred and revenge, but its unfair to blindly hate him because he doesn’t do as you want, aka come back to Konoha and live happily ever after, that is selfish because in the end Sasuke does not owe shit to anyone.

Naruto’s bond with Sasuke is important, with team 7, with Itachi, but that is one thing, wanting Sasuke to go back to Konoha after the elders are still there living the life while they’ve fucked up so much, the whole system is fucked up, which will result in more and more tragedies, is surreal, really. 

Sasuke is damaged, both physically, mentally, and of course his heart is too. He was just a little kid who lost it all on a whim, so before immediately saying he’s horrible try to think about how deep inside he still is too damaged to straight go back to a place that pretty much destroyed him.

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OMG Shikamaru’s vest is not from Konoha…



And then there’s Sasuke in Hueco Mundo

And then there’s Sasuke in Hueco Mundo


they are literally fighting the origin of chakra, a living chakra god and after all these chapters of long drawn out bullshit and sasukeapologism and trying to make madara sympathetic and aizen sousuke layers of villainy bullshit naruto does this. this is his plan. this is his plan to defeat this god

#this arc started off w/ amazing commentary on war narratives and children and soldiers and then#?????????????????????????#ngl tho i’m just gonna roll with it and it’s hilariously amazing. only naruto. literally. only naruto. (via ineedanumbrella)


they are literally fighting the origin of chakra, a living chakra god and after all these chapters of long drawn out bullshit and sasukeapologism and trying to make madara sympathetic and aizen sousuke layers of villainy bullshit naruto does this. this is his plan. this is his plan to defeat this god

 (via ineedanumbrella)



he is the voice of the fandom

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