Naruto Fic Masterpost!

I will get back to posting manga reax soon, but, in the meantime, I thought I’d compile a masterpost or two of some of my favorite fanworks? (I have more, but these are just my top favorites.)

I’ve listed only those that I like the most. I haven’t read some of the fic in a while, though, so, uh, do proceed with caution. (TW for some slurs throughout/some slight problematic things.)

(They’re mostly one-shots, but I do intend to search out some more multi-chaptered soon.)

(Hahaha, it’s obvious where my fannish priorities lie, here…)

Not a Grain of Sand - by Edonohana (Sand Sibs)

Runaway - by Edonohana (Sand Sibs, Kankurou pv)

The Hourglass - by Edonohana (Gaara)

Five Things Tsunade Didn’t Save (And One She Did) - by Edonohana (Tsunade)

The Woman From Whirlpool - by PennyoftheWild (Mito, Kushina)

Outside - by Khyvd (Sai/Shin) (Quite sad, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, do avoid.) (But it kind of works nicely in conjunction with the other two fic (by a different author) below.)

Fifth Man Down - by Lisse (Sai)

Ten Facts About Team Yamato - By Lisse (Team 7) (Shippuden, genfic)

The One Where Hinata Saves the Day - by Fourthage (Hinata)

Feminine Mystique - by Siderea (Ladies) (I have a few issues with it - lol, mostly because I’m super picky about canon things/plot speculation.)

Rivalry - by Wei (Sakura/Ino)

Crush - by Dawnrune (Sakura/Ino)

Always - by Callunavulgari (Sakura/Ino) (Sexytimes)

Where it is Always Afternoon - by Lihai (Naruto/Sakura)

Five People Sakura Punches - by Fahye (Sakura) (Obvs)

Knockout - by Rilina (Sakura)

Letters - by Rilina (Iruka)

Ninja Tell Stories - by Rilina (Iruka)

Inside Job - by Rilina (Ino and Team 10 silliness)

Four Weeks of Rain - by Rilina (Tsunade, ensemble cast - this is one of my top favorites)

2.5 Years - by Rilina (Ensemble cast)

Erased - by Rilina (Tenzou/Yamato)

Written on the Body - by Rilina (Tsunade)

What Remains - by Rilina (Sand Sibs)

Two Steps Behind - by Rilina (Temari/Shikamaru)

Fan Dance - by Rilina (Temari)

Temari in Six Parts - by Fourthage (Temari)

Like Water - by Fourthage (Slight Temari/Shikamaru, Sand Sibs)

Sleep - by Mugendai (Sand Sibs)

Monster - by Dawnrune (Sand Sibs) (Seems to have been written prior to the War Arc - in which Yashamaru’s character is clarified as having being quite a lot different. But the fic could still be interpreted as canon, so it’s fine.)

Mornings - by Dreaming of Everything (Sand Sibs)

Fifty-Nine Moves - by Oh Dee (Temari/Shikamaru) (Has some slightly sexist stuff, but I enjoy their interaction?)

Fireflies - by Hobochan (Temari/Shikamaru)

Inside the Black Ant - By TroublesomeShikamaruFan (Temari/Shikamaru) (Was written before some events occurred during the War Arc, so it’s pretty AU-ish.)

Fish Heads - by Lotos-Eater (Sand Sibs)

Midsummer - by Lotos-Eater (Temari/Shikamaru) (Future!AU-ish.)

Three Days - by Lotos-Eater (Temari/Shikamaru) (Ehhh. I’m more fond the last bit, tbh? Sexytimes.)

The Game - by TheInfiniteSadness (Temari/Shikamaru)

Careful Planning - by Dailenna (Temari/Shikamaru)

Grammar - by Mystica83 (Temari/Shikamaru) (Because OTP sex and cunnilingus.) *___*

Gravity - by Chevira Lowe (Temari/Shikamaru) (More sexytimes.)

Synaesthesia - by DrerrRedclaw (Temari/Shikamaru)

Kink - by DrerrRedclaw (Temari/Shikamaru) (Also sex) (Lol, I could go into a long ramble about this because, uh… Shadows. In this fic it is consensual, thank goodness! Some other Temari/Shikamaru fans, though, are… not so great with this. -__-)

Revaluation - by Graychalk (Temari/Shikamaru)

One Step Towards a Lifetime - by Graychalk (Temari/Shikamaru) (Post-Tsukuyomi)

Where the Heart is - by GirlMood (Temari/Shikamaru)

Luck is Never on my Side - by TaintedMoonlight (Temari/Shikamaru)

Mochi - by The Kitty-Kitty (Sand Sibs, Temari/Shikamaru)

A Father’s Words - by NarutoCraze (Shikamaru and his parents)

Worst of Days - by TaintedMoonlight (Shikamaru, Chouji) (Friendship)

Reconnaissance - by Fanwoman (Temari)